Drenogllava Albana
COUNTRY : Albania
CITY : Elbasan
STRUCTURE TYPE : Public body
STRUCTURE : Regional Department of Cultural Heritage Korçë – Elbasan Sector
FUNCTION: Specialist in tangible cultural heritage and projects

Main tasks

1. Elaboration of restoration projects for cultural monuments in the Elbasan district.
2. Inventory and update of the cultural monuments database.
3. Organization of informative and educational activities in the field of tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
4.coordinate and cooperate with public and private institutions to promote and protect cultural heritage.

About us

I was born, live and work in Elbasan. I’m an architect and town planner. I have worked in a number of public and private institutions, mainly in the field of regional planning. Since 2014 until today, I work in the field of cultural heritage.
The main areas of interest in my work are :
– Preserving, protecting and promoting cultural heritage in its entirety
– Good management of human and territorial resources in the field of cultural heritage
– Raising awareness among the next generation of the importance of heritage and the transmission of craftsmanship
– The use of materials and methods adapted to the restoration of monuments in the face of climate change
– Development of planning and legal instruments that respect cultural heritage and integrate it into development
– Raising public awareness of cultural heritage.
– Polytechnic University Tirana
– Architecture branch
– Urban planning graduate.

I have a professional degree in the design of various buildings and urban plans, and also a professional degree in construction supervision and approval.
– Since November 2019: Specialist in “Tangible Cultural Heritage and Projects” at the Ministry of Culture, Regional Cultural Heritage Directorate of Korçë- Elbasan sector
– 28 April 2014 – November 2019: Specialist in “Education and non-material cultural heritage” Ministry of Culture, Durres Regional Directorate of Culture – Elbasan sector
– November 2013 – April 2014: Director of the “Urban planning and public services” department, Peqin town council.

Current projects

– Tourist and heritage signage
– Restoration and revitalization of the historic center “Kala” Elbasan
– Heritage education activities for local schoolchildren.


« précieux », « rare », « en voie de disparition ».


– Restoring buildings in historic centers and adapting them for use by tourists
– Energy retrofitting in older buildings
– Creation of a local and regional network of players and decision-makers in the cultural heritage field
– How to keep crafts alive and attract young people to them
– Management of public spaces in historic centers and mobility.