Heritage and sustainable tourism

A pilot project between Colombia, France, Ecuador and Mexico.


Since 2000, the Sites & Cités remarquables de France network has been developing international cooperation projects on the role of heritage in territorial development.

Following on from the exchanges initiated in 2021 with Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico, Sites & Cités and its Colombian, Ecuadorian and Mexican international partners propose to launch the international project “Heritage and sustainable tourism: a pilot project between Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and France”.

This three-year project – 2022-2024 – aims to develop the exchange of experience between the four countries on sustainable tourism, drawing on the wealth of heritage and old town centers, to enhancing our heritage in all its richness and diversity, to promote the towns and territories involved in the project and to raise awareness among residents and visitors the value of our heritage and living environment.

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As part of the three-year “Keys in Hand” international cooperation project, the cities of Mexico City, Puebla and Guanajuato welcomed a week-long French delegation comprising Djoudé MERABET, Mayor of Elbeuf-sur-Seine and Vice-Chairman of Sites & Cités, Richard TYLINSKI, municipal councillor, City of Draguignan, Cécile PARIS, elected representative for heritage and

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