Drissa Sinaly COULIBALY
CITY : Bamako
STRUCTURE : Université Paris Nanterre, Malian Armed Forces Museum
FUNCTION: Head of the Archives and Historical Heritage Department

Main tasks

– Programming and planning of research missions to national cultural heritage sites
– Inventory and scientific research on historical and military heritage
– Writing end-of-assignment reports
– Design and coordination of research projects, programs and missions
– Monitoring and evaluation of cultural heritage research projects/programs

About us

As a cultural heritage historian and manager, I am particularly interested in issues relating to the protection of properties, especially those classified as World Heritage, when they are faced with a number of contemporary challenges, including armed conflict, extreme violence, natural and man-made disasters such as earthquakes and earthquakes…. Not to mention issues related to global warming and climate change. I also work on peace and security issues in the Sahel countries.
– Doctoral thesis in contemporary cultural history at Université Paris Nanterre
– Master Il in Development, specializing in History and Cultural Heritage Management, Senghor University, Alexandria, Egypt
– Master’s degree in History and Archaeology from the Faculty of History and Geography at the University of Bamako. I also hold a Diplôme D’Études Supérieures Approfondies (DESA).
Since 2009, after completing my Master’s degree in History and Archaeology, I have been working as an archaeological assistant at the University. I taught and guided students in their study and research projects. Then in 2014, while on secondment to the Musée des Armées as a guide and cultural animator, I carried out several research missions with a view to collecting audiovisual and photographic data, and produced several exhibitions on the contemporary history of the Armed Forces.
In 2015, I was admitted to the Francophonie scholarship for the Master in Development program at Senghor University in Alexandria, Egypt, at the end of which I obtained a Master in Cultural Heritage Management. This led to my appointment as Head of the Armed Forces Archives and Historical Heritage Department.
I’m currently a research associate and doctoral student at Paris Nanterre University’s Centre de Recherche en Histoire des arts et des représentations culturelles.

Current projects

Rehabilitation of the destroyed Mausoleums in Timbuktu, a World Heritage site in northern Mali: what mechanisms for post-conflict protection?


Le patrimoine est l’héritage des peuples.


– Cultural heritage and armed conflict
– The effects of climate change on cultural heritage sites (national and global)
– Politico-security crises, mass crimes and extreme violence, as well as funerary sites that represent, for example, cultural cleansing and genocide.