Kheireddine GUERROUCHE
COUNTRY : Algeria
CITY : Algiers
STRUCTURE : Ecole Polytechnique d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme EPAU
FUNCTION: Teacher-researcher

Main tasks

Teaching – research – extension – expertise.

About us

As a teacher-researcher and assistant professor at the École Polytechnique d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme (EPAU) in Algiers, I am a member of the LVAP research laboratory, and take part in various research activities related to the preservation of architectural and urban heritage.
As part of my teaching responsibilities, I address the issue of heritage preservation through the various courses I teach (project workshop, history of architecture, Masters supervision).
I’m an architect by training, having graduated in 2009 from EPAU in Algiers. After graduating, I continued my studies by enrolling in post-graduation, which enabled me to obtain a magister’s degree in 2014.
I’m currently working on my doctoral thesis, which deals with the heritage of cultural landscapes in Algeria.
I’m an architect of historic monuments and sites, qualified by the French Ministry of Culture. My experience includes collaboration on the PCI project (EPAU/UPM), which led to the publication of the collective work entitled “Méthode de réhabilitation d’un center historique: diagnostic du quartier Ben M’hidi à Alger” (Method for rehabilitating a historic center: diagnosis of the Ben M’hidi district in Algiers), published by ALUR in 2013.
As a member of the working group, I also contributed to the “Assistance à Maîtrise d’Ouvrage” initiative for the rehabilitation of buildings on Boulevard Colonel Amirouche, in collaboration with OPGI Bir Mourad Rais.
I’m very active in the popularization of science, and had the honor of being part of the organizing committee for the Archi’Terre festival. In addition, I have taken part in numerous radio and television programs, while presenting various scientific papers and conferences in the field of architectural and urban heritage preservation.

Current projects

I’m currently working on my doctoral thesis on the heritage of cultural landscapes in Algeria. I am in charge of a course at EPAU entitled “Architecture et construction en terre”, and I lead (with Pr Y.Chennaoui) a research workshop devoted to “Réglementation et processus de patrimonialisation”.


Culture – valeur – transmission.


– How to reconcile heritage preservation with the imperatives of sustainable development: energy management, environmental sustainability and resilience in the face of climate change.
– How heritage can contribute to the economic development of regions and communities
– How digital technologies can be used to document, preserve and make accessible cultural heritage
– The challenges and opportunities of tourism management at heritage sites
– Heritage education and awareness
– Legal and ethical challenges related to heritage (questions of ownership, restitution and repatriation of cultural heritage, etc.).