Nathalie Farah
COUNTRY : Lebanon
CITY : Zouk Mikael
STRUCTURE TYPE : Public body
STRUCTURE : Municipality of Zouk Mikael
FUNCTION: Member of Zouk Mikael Town Council

Main tasks

Elected to the municipal council in 2016, I sit on the media, tourism, culture and environment committees. I organize cultural and artistic events as well as sightseeing tours of historical monuments and cultural sites.

About us

With its tangible cultural and religious heritage, Zouk Mikaël symbolizes the identity of its citizens, whose history and cultural and religious riches have been handed down from generation to generation.
Preserving and rehabilitating material and religious heritage, as well as promoting cultural heritage, will revive tourism, which is a source of economic development.
Holder of a PhD in Didactics of Chemistry in 2015 and lead author of two scientific articles published in 2020 and 2021 respectively, I am currently working on a third publication.
Professionally, I have taught on various public and private university campuses and in several public and accredited schools.
I also had the opportunity to give a number of national and international conferences.
On the other hand, as soon as I was elected town councillor, I took charge of the environment, media, tourism and culture committees, organizing artistic and cultural events, sightseeing tours within Zouk Mikaël, conferences… What’s more, I’m a member of several commissions and organizations.

Current projects

I helped found a Destination Management Organization for the Keserwan district, bringing together 54 municipalities and more than 100 businesses: tourism, sports, history, hotels, gastronomy…


Histoire, héritage, identité.


Develop strategies for preserving and rehabilitating our old buildings, especially our museums, whose humidity levels leave much to be desired, given the very high levels of humidity and unsuitable temperatures in these museums, which could trigger the gradual deterioration of the works.