Silva Belegu
COUNTRY : Albania
CITY : Elbasan
STRUCTURE TYPE : Public body
STRUCTURE : Culture Heritage Centre
FUNCTION: Director

Main tasks

1. Creator and organizer of workshops and activities focused on heritage culture of the Municipality of Elbasan ;
2. Creator and organizer of the Fairs of Artisans, several in a year ;
3. Guide of the city for different delegation ;
4. Promotion of culture monuments in the municipality.

About us

The heritage is what make us different from others, is our memory, our local value. It is very important to promote it and transmit it to the new generation. I am interesting in ethnography, material and immaterial heritage, culture monument etc.
I have a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature, specialization in Mass Communication, University of Salento, Lecce, Italy.
After I did a Magister in Translation (Spanish-English), Complutense University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain, (Subjects: Consecutive Interpretation, Practice in Economic Translation, Practise in Literary Translation, Legal Translation-Theory and Practise).
I did different training on heritage, tourism ect. I and my team won the third place award for the online hackathon 2020 «Via Egnatia 2.0».
From 2014 –2019 I worked as expert of the «Centre of Albanological and Balcanological Studies», Faculty of Human Sciences, Aleksander Xhuvani University, Elbasan, Albania. During that period I was coordinator of two projects «Archaeological and linguistic study in the area of Bishqem ( Shkumbin River)» and «Linguistic and archaeological study in the area of Funar (District of Elbasan)», the two projects are supported by the Ministry of Culture.
In 2019 I began to work as director of Culture Heritage Centre, in the Municipality of Elbasan. 2013-2022 : Part-time Lecturer in the Department of English and German Languages7Department of Foreing Laguages, Faculty of Human Sciences, Aleksander Xhuvani University, subject; English Language, Elbasan, Albania.

Current projects

1. Knowing and training the young people with the heritage of the Municipality ;
2. Creation and update of the official webpage of Ethnographic Museum ;
3. The series of workshops « Preservation and promotion of the Cultural Heritage», which train the new generation (10-14 years old) to different kind of handcrafts, as embroider with gold thread, to weave on the loom, crochet work etc.


Memory, native value, beauty.


Material and immaterial heritage, ethnography, old jobs (artisans), green area around protected monuments, youth and heritage etc.