Valentina Andrijashevikj Krivashija
COUNTRY : North Macedonia
CITY : Bitola
STRUCTURE TYPE : Public body
STRUCTURE : Bitola Municipality
FUNCTION: Head of Department for Urban Planning and Environmental Protection

Main tasks

– Urban planning ;
– Еnvironmental protection ;
– Cooperation with the Мayor and council of the Municipality of Bitola ;
– Cooperation with citizens in the process of urban planning and the environment.

About us

The problems with the management and financing of the cultural heritage, to be solved by moving from a classic model of technical protection to renewal and continuous use – application of the concept of managing the cultural heritage in the context of modern planning strategies based on the principles of sustainable development.
– Graduated engineer architect at the Faculty of Architecture at UKIM Skopje ;
– Postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the University American College Skopje where do i get a title Master of Science Heritage, with a master’s thesis topic: “The Value of the Cultural Heritage” / “Strategic Management Plan for the Old Bazaar in Bitola”.
Head of the Department for Urban Planning and Environmental Protection in the Municipality of Bitola.
• In 2000 I obtained my Urban Planning Licence ;
• I have been involved and I have participated in the urban planning process in many architectural and urban projects, supervision, audits ;
• Permanent expert witness in the Basic Court in Bitola in the field of construction, urbanism and architecture ;
• Participation in teams and independent property assessments of certain entities-banks.

Current projects

Strategic development of the traffic and promotion of sustainable urban mobility at the local level – improving the capacity of the local self-government in the direction of the proper development of the traffic.


Past, present and future.


– Cultural Heritage Management ;
– Valuing Cultural Heritage ;
– Cultural Tourism ;
– Urban Mobility Plan in the Old City Cores.