TOUATI Yasmine
COUNTRY : Algeria
CITY : Algiers
STRUCTURE TYPE : Public body
STRUCTURE : Ministry of Culture and Arts
FUNCTION: Architect

Main tasks

Management – protection – conservation – restoration.

About us

As an architect with the Direction de la Conservation et de la Restauration des Biens Culturels of the Algerian Ministry of Culture and the Arts, our mission encompasses several areas of reflection:
1. Contribute to the preservation and anchoring of national cultural identity.
2. Participate in safeguarding the collective memory of our nation, through the collection and use of all documents and materials relating to cultural heritage.
3. Protect, preserve and promote cultural heritage.
4. Study, in collaboration with the appropriate sectors, measures to safeguard and enhance the architectural and urban heritage.
5. Encourage and support the dissemination of historical, artistic, scientific and technical knowledge.
I am an architecture graduate from EPAU in Algiers, having graduated in 2017. I successfully completed a complementary Master’s course in 2018. My dissertation was entitled “Essai de catégorisation du système décoratif en faïence dans l’architecture palatine de l’époque ottomane à Alger”.
I joined my country’s Ministry of Culture and the Arts in July 2020, working as an architect in the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage. More specifically, I’m assigned to the sub-subdivision for the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property.

Current projects

As an architect in the sub-department dedicated to the conservation and restoration of immovable cultural property, I am responsible for :
– Examine files relating to the classification and acquisition of cultural property
– Develop plans and programs for the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage, while ensuring their effective implementation
– Develop proposals for projects, programs and plans to protect and enhance archaeological sites and reserves. We are also in charge of drawing up general development plans for cultural parks, as well as plans to preserve and enhance protected areas. Our responsibility includes monitoring and controlling their implementation.
– Study and issue opinions on any planned intervention concerning immovable cultural property.


Identité – économie – développement durable.


– How to reconcile heritage preservation with the imperatives of sustainable development: energy management, environmental sustainability and resilience in the face of climate change.
– How heritage can contribute to the economic development of regions and communities.
– How digital technologies can be used to document, preserve and make accessible cultural heritage.
– The challenges and opportunities of managing tourism at heritage sites.
– Heritage education and awareness.
– Legal and ethical challenges related to heritage (questions of ownership, restitution and repatriation of cultural heritage, etc.).