Berenice Vidal Castelán
COUNTRY : Mexico
CITY : Puebla
STRUCTURE TYPE : Public body
STRUCTURE : Puebla City Council
FUNCTION: Director, Historical and Cultural Heritage Centre

Main tasks

Manage actions for the proper conservation of Puebla’s historic center.
Manage resources at federal level so that they can be put to use in conservation projects.
Regulate intervention in the area in accordance with applicable legislation.

About us

Any heritage area immersed in the urban environment must be capable of being sustainable, aspiring to habitability, integrated into the social dynamic and society’s mobility and leisure needs.
Areas of interest: conservation of historic urban landscapes and livability of heritage sites.
Architect for the Universidad Iberoamericana de Puebla. I hold a postgraduate diploma in cultural policies and management from the UAM and a master’s degree in urban planning, territorial planning and transport from the École d’urbanisme de Paris.
I have worked in various areas of the Puebla government and have coordinated and participated in international urban planning workshops with the French association Les Ateliers de Cergy in Mexico, Colombia and France.
I’ve worked in various areas of the Puebla government: secretariat of urban development and public works, municipal institute of art and culture and municipal secretariat of economic development and tourism, as well as in the mobility department as director of the “la Constancia Mexicana” museum complex of the Puebla state government.
I took part with the OECD in the production of the Puebla-Tlaxcala 2013 territorial study, as well as in workshops with the French association “Les Ateliers de Cergy”.
I have worked for the Paris region land agency Grand Paris Aménagement, as an independent consultant, and as a professor in the architecture degree program at Tec de Monterrey and Ibero Puebla.

Current projects

Promotion, in collaboration with other local agencies, of projects to prioritize pedestrian areas, preserve the urban image of Puebla’s historic center and update regulatory instruments for the benefit of the area itself.


Conservation, habitabilité et résilience.


Share methodologies for improving public spaces with a pedestrian focus, and promote the integration of environmental services in historic areas.