Diana Imam
COUNTRY : Palestine
CITY : Bani Naim / Hebron
STRUCTURE TYPE : Public body
STRUCTURE : Bani Naim municipality
FUNCTION: Responsible for the Economic Development Unit

Main tasks

I work in the field of economic development on investment projects that take place between the municipality and the private sector in terms of project preparation, economic feasibility, agreements, etc.
I also work on projects to empower women, youth, and marginalized groups with small income-generating projects through financial grants from donors, in addition to supporting women’s associations in the town by establishing Income-generating economic projects.
I also work on projects to restore archaeological and historical buildings and operate them by providing offices for government associations or ministries or including them for entities from the private sector, establishing a museum and providing a hostel for tourists, networking with international bodies in order to revive internal and external tourism in the town, working on space-saving projects. Green and public parks for local residents and tourists.

About us

Heritage is considered the history of my town, which must be preserved because it is the history of the ancestors, which expresses authenticity and belonging to our history and the preservation of our religion, culture, and customs that we inherited from the ancestors from ancient times, which must be preserved for continuity and passed on to future generations through the restoration of old buildings, their operation, the preservation of old tools, in addition to disseminating this great history and introducing it to future generations through tourist trips and internal sessions from the people of the town in particular and the people of Palestine in general, in addition to disseminating this history and transferring it to all parts of the world and attracting tourists from all over the world to visit it by organizing an exciting marketing program for internal and external tourists and working continuously to restore it.
Maintaining these historical and archaeological places and working to operate them and benefit from them, and this is among the tasks of my work in the municipality.
I studied in Bani Naim schools, all levels of education in schools, up to high school.
I graduated from high school, commercial branch, with an excellent grade and a 91 grade point average. Then I studied at Palestine Polytechnic University in Hebron, specializing in business administration and part of information systems. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree with a good grade, and then I moved to practical life and worked.
I held annual contracts with international, governmental and private institutions until I was confirmed in my current job in the municipality. I participated in many local and international courses in several fields and obtained many certificates.
I initially worked for the World Food Program on annual contracts by providing food aid to poor families in Palestine.
After I worked for a scientific research company in preparing and collecting information for the required studies.
I also worked for the Palestinian Statistics Authority in several financial and geographical surveys, population and building censuses, and others, supervising these surveys in annual contracts.
I was also in the field of marketing for the Palestinian Telecommunications Company, and recently and currently I’m an employee of the Bani Naim municipality.

Current projects

Previous projects are the restoration of archaeological and historical buildings, working to operate these buildings, and preparing a plan for internal and external tourism. Currently, I am working on the same topics because there are many buildings that need restoration of archaeological and religious buildings.
I am currently working on communicating with donor agencies that provide financial grants for restoration work.


Civilization, culture, belonging and authenticity.


I need to learn about new marketing methods to attract internal and external tourists, in addition to learning about new methods for operating archaeological buildings after their restoration.
I also need to network with international bodies that can provide consultations in the field of restoration by learning about their experience in advanced restoration work through restoration plans. Successful and it is possible to obtain funding for restoration work, especially since the municipalities of Palestine suffer from a bad financial situation.
I also need to visit some of the successful experiences of colleagues in the field of operating old buildings and marketing them internationally.