Jorge Ortega González
COUNTRY : Mexico
CITY : Mexico
STRUCTURE : National Association of Mexican World Heritage Cities A.C.
FUNCTION: General Manager

Main tasks

1. manage economic resources for the preservation of historic centers
2. develop programs and strategies to promote tourism in Mexican World Heritage cities
3. promote initiatives to disseminate and enhance the heritage of UNESCO-listed historic centers
4. Coordinate the actions of the 14 associated municipal governments in terms of conservation, protection, promotion and dissemination.

About us

I see heritage as a very important asset for stimulating community economic development.
I want to help promote the regional attractions of historic localities internationally, to attract talent, investment and tourists.
I’m an enthusiastic promoter of these aspects and like to bring together the different players in these fields to carry out projects.
I’m a lawyer with a master’s degree in public policy; this training has helped me to design policies for urban development, conservation and tourism promotion, which have already been taken into account in three government programs at national level in my country.
I have twice been elected by the mayors of Mexican cities on the World Heritage List as Director General for my skills in management, diplomacy, media communications, lobbying projects and working with various players in the public and private sectors.

Current projects

I work on issues of identifying regional attractions (local products, intangible heritage), in order to link actions to conserve public spaces in historic centers with communities, as well as the conservation of intangible heritage, while helping them to generate new economic development opportunities.


Valeur universelle exceptionnelle.


– Cultural tourism and its challenges
– Livability in historic town centers
– Sustainable economic development of historic city centers
– Support for SMEs
– Mechanisms for allocating tourism resources to heritage conservation
– Tax incentives for investment in historic city centers.