Murad Tamimi
COUNTRY : Palestine
CITY : Hebron
STRUCTURE TYPE : Public body
STRUCTURE : Hebron Municipality
FUNCTION: Head of tourism and heritage department

Main tasks

1- Fowling of the management of world heritage property with the other stakeholder (the old town of Hebron).
2- Fowling of the tourism sector infrastructure of the city.
3- Working to document old buildings in cities in order to protect them.
4- Working on marketing the city as a tourist destination.

About us

Heritage, a societal legacy, encompasses cultural, historical, natural, and artistic treasures. It links the past, fostering identity, continuity, and cultural richness. Preservation and promotion are vital for understanding our roots, learning from history, and nurturing belonging in present and future generations.
I hold a master’s degree in tourism studies with a focus on old Palestinian centers, particularly the city of Hebron, complementing my background as an architect-engineer. My academic journey has seamlessly integrated design and tourism expertise, providing a distinctive perspective on sustainable tourism development and architectural conservation.
With 17 years of dedicated service at Hebron Municipality, I have honed my skills as an architect, with the last 5 years exclusively dedicated to tourism and heritage. During this period, I have actively contributed to the development of tour guides and the promotion of local handcrafts, fostering the preservation and enrichment of Hebron’s cultural and historical heritage.

Current projects

1. Enhancing Hebron’s tourism.
2. Research and workshops to promote Hebron.
3. City and historic district tourism events.
4. Updating Hebron’s tourist map.
5. Preserving UNESCO-listed Old Town.


Cultural identity treasure.


I would like to discuss enhancing heritage tourism, conducting research on heritage sites, organizing cultural events, and promoting UNESCO-listed sites, specifically Hebron’s Old Town and Ibrahimi Mosque, on the “Sites & Cites international” platform.