Nohan Sow
CITY : Bamako
STRUCTURE : Ecole Normale Supérieure
FUNCTION: History lecturer and cultural heritage manager

Main tasks

Teaching, collecting, inventorying, informing and raising awareness of the protection and promotion of cultural heritage.

About us

Historian, cultural heritage manager.
Cultural heritage is a legacy to be safeguarded, enhanced and passed on to future generations. It is a factor in community development and social cohesion.
– Doctorate in contemporary history, specializing in the oral traditions of Kita
– Master of Cultural Heritage Management
– Masters in History and Archaeology
– Diplôme des Écoles Normales Secondaires in Literature – History – Geography
– Participation in the collection of information and documentation on Kitakuru with a view to classifying it as a National Cultural Heritage site.
– Partnership Officer, Malian Academy of Languages
– Technical Advisor to the Ministry of National Reconciliation
– Head of Ségou Cultural Mission
– Lecturer at the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers Multimédia Balla Fasséké KOUYATE
– Lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ségou
– Expert, Mission d’Appui aux Réformes Politiques (MARP)
– Technical advisor in charge of issues relating to decentralization, traditional institutions and authorities, and the formal and informal sectors at the Ministry of Relations with Institutions
– Head of the Kayes Cultural Mission
– Head of Ethnographic Heritage Division
– Section Head, Awareness and Information.

Current projects

I’m currently working on the file to have the “Kita kuru” listed as part of the national cultural heritage.
The “Kita kuru” is a mixed heritage, steeped in history, with numerous sites from the founding of the Mali empire and its expansion towards the Atlantic.


Héritage matériel et immatériel.


The topics I’d like to address on the platform are above all: safeguarding, informing and raising public awareness of heritage protection and promotion, the role and factors in the development of built and intangible heritage, and cooperation with others for an exchange of experience.