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  • Population: 132,895
  • Area: 214 km
  • Region :Boyaca
  • Country: Colombia
  • Contact: (link to member area)
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Architectural and landscape typologies

Sogamoso has pre-Hispanic landscape and historical references, corresponding to the Muisca culture, which we find as a reference for this process:

  • Rock paintings in rural areas
  • Eliecer Silva Celis Archaeological Museum

As milestones after the pre-Hispanic era, we find constructions such as :

  • Sogamoso Theatre: Declared a national asset of cultural interest in 1996, the Sogamoso Theatre dates back to 1941. After 20 years of construction work, it was remodeled in 2002. With its classical style and 500-seat capacity, it is part of Colombia’s network of theaters.
  • Casa del Corregidor: rebuilt in 1927, it now houses the town council.
  • Parque Laguito: preserves the gateway to the old cemetery dating from 1850.
  • Chapelle Santa Barbara: Built in 1873, this colonial-style chapel has a stone façade.
  • El Cristo chapel: The Christ chapel dates back to 1872, in honor of Jesus Christ. The façade is in stone and brick.
  • La Estación de Tren de Sogamoso (Sogamoso Station): operating in this area since 1944, it was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest by the National Order in 1996 and remodeled in 2006.

Tourism supply and demand typology

In terms of tourism, the city’s economic base is regional trade and industry. This influences business tourism.

The city organizes festivities and events such as the Festival du Soleil and the Huan Festival.

Sogamoso also offers natural and heritage attractions and experiences.

In terms of tourist demand for Sogamoso, two types of visitor stand out.

  • Foreigners: For foreigners, the options change considerably. The main motivation for coming to the region is to discover new destinations for over 80% of them, and to relax for 10%, with the remainder divided between fun, attending events and visiting relatives.
  • National: For Colombians, it’s the heritage villages that encourage them to visit the Sugamuxi province, followed by experiences that introduce them to the culture and gastronomy. Interaction with nature is also high on the list of preferences.

Heritage and tourism issues :

  • Architectural heritage located in the municipality’s historic center, which is in a state of serious deterioration (major investments are needed to restore it, property legality situations, etc.).
  • Lack of sense of belonging on the part of citizens and lack of conservation awareness
  • Lack of a public conservation policy with resources for the restoration and conservation of heritage buildings.
  • Transculturation.
  • Statistical information on the sector and its dynamics.

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