Identity card

  • Population: 16,205 
  • Surface area: 1632 ha
  • Region: Normandy
  • Country : France
  • Contact : (link to member area)

Architectural and landscape typologies

A rich industrial, civil and religious heritage, classified or listed as historical monuments.

A legacy of four centuries of cloth-making. The Cirque-Théâtre (one of the last eight “indoor” circuses in France), 1,230 hectares of forest, 20 km of marked trails, the Seine (linked to the textile industry), large parks and gardens and “remarkable trees”.

Reconversion of former manufacturing sites (housing, cultural venues, third-party venues), urban renewal (requalification of neighborhoods), reflection on the neighborhoods of the Reconstruction era and recognized architecture (cinema, circus-theater).

Tourism supply and demand typology

Elbeuf-sur-Seine is home to many heritage and cultural sites to visit. Among the main places to visit are:

  • The Bains-Douches transformed into a theater;
  • A metropolitan museum retracing the city’s history (industrial, natural and architectural), a former textile factory transformed into an artists’ studio;
  • Hiking trails.


  • Heritage awareness (preservation, presentation, rehabilitation).
  • Attracting the public, tourism, developing tourist activities around all our heritages.


  • For residents: get to know their town better, create a space for sharing memories, become ambassadors of a history, participate in the development of their region;
  • Work on collective narratives and the recognition of individual expressions through mediation (tour itineraries, cultural and artistic projects with young people, raising awareness of architectural quality);
  • Passing on an interest in preservation and enhancement to future generations;
  • Attractiveness: improve the city’s image (quality of housing and services) by developing a quality offering in terms of the economy, mobility, health, education and employment.